The 1. Berlin Barefoot Run can start

And to keep our foreign friends up to date:
The first HAMBURG BAREFOOT RUN went well! Some pictures. The next run in the GERMAN BAREFOOT RUN series is BERLIN BAREFOOT RUN!
At this time the route is not fix, but that’s just a matter of days or weeks.

As we did in Hamburg, (probably) on the eve of the run Marco Montanez of BAREFORMANCE-Biomechanic Solutions & Movement Clinic will give a presentation of what to know about your feet. It was mindblowing. We love to have Kieser Training as our host, as they are a nice and competent partner! And Andi of LUNA Sandals Germany will be there as well with a new Luna Sandals flavour: the OSO which will make our hardcore trail runners more than happy!

So: Warm up and be ready!